How to Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Hyper OS

Unlock HyperOS bootloader  With Xiaomi finally ditching MIUI in favour of its newest operating system Xiaomi Hyper OS, there come several new restrictions that potentially hinder power users. One of them is the inability of users to easily unlock Xiaomi bootloader.

Previously Xiaomi had already made it a bit difficult for users to unlock their bootloader on MIUI 15 or earlier by forcing users to wait for 7 days to get them unlocked yet in their new OS it became even more of a hassle. Thus below we will show you how to easily unlock Hyper OS bootloader.

What you need to prepare

  • At least 30 days old active MIUI account.
  • Xiaomi Community App version 5.3.31 or above.​
  • Ensure that the account hasn’t been used to unlock more than 3 devices or you either have to wait for a year or create another account.

If you don’t have the Xiaomi Community App ready, you can get it through this link. Once prepared, change your Mi community region to Global.

xiaomi hyper os
Next, proceed by tapping the “Unlock Bootloader” menu then assuming you have met the criteria, simply tap the “Apply for unlocking” and that should grant you access to unlock your bootloader using the Mi Unlock App.

xiaomi hyper os

Be sure to enable the developer mode before proceeding to unlock as it may cause an issue if not. The wait limit for bootloader unlock has been reduced to 3 days with HyperOS devices to compensate for the 30-day-old account requirement.

Bottom line

With Xiaomi putting MIUI to rest and MIUI15 being its closure, HyperOS will now become the operating system that Xiaomi will use for its future lineups. One unpopular change in their new OS is how it’s now harder for power users to unlock their bootloader.

The step above shows a quick step-by-step guide on how to unlock the device. If you plan to buy a newer Xiaomi phone and plan on customising it, be sure to get a head start in making a Xiaomi account as one of the new requirements to unlock is to have an account that is at least 30 days old.


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