10 Mind Blowing New Technology Inventions 2023

10 Mind Blowing New Technology Inventions 2023

When it comes to technology, there is no better time than today that we can witness the continuous leap of its innovation which results in various top new technologies. Interestingly, the scope of these new technology inventions 2023 trends doesn’t just affect our day-to-day activity but also results in the development of the latest technologies in computer science as well as the latest technologies in software industry.

Therefore, here is our list of the top 10 technology trends on new technology inventions 2023 in computer science, and software industries, as well as things that we can witness in our daily life combined.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When it comes to recent mind-blowing new technology, the advancement of AI is something that we can just shrug off.

Popularised by the existence of ChatGPT and a handful of AI image generators that keep getting better at generating convincing results, the existence of AI is undeniably becoming a spotlight in recent years.

The Gartner Technology Trends 2023 does predict that this year will be the rise of this piece of technology and we’ve seen various tech giants have been trying to get a slice of it. 

2. Machine Learning (ML)

To create the “perfect AI”, it requires the capability to make the interaction feel naturalー for the lack of a better word, a human-like interaction experience.

This requires a complex algorithm and statistical models to enable computers to learn and improve their performance on a specific task without being explicitly programmed and this is where ML programming takes place where the algorithm uses large datasets to help predict and take actions per the patterns and trends.

3. Quantum Computing

Still in the related field of both AI and ML, quantum computing is a computation that uses unique behaviours of quantum physics to solve problems that are too complex for classical computing.

While this technology is still relatively early and is currently facing its challenge, the success of this technology will bring the potential to revolutionise fields such as materials science, drug discovery, and financial modelling and currently the tech giants such as Google, AWS, and Microsoft are competing to further develop this technology.

4. 5G

The deployment of 5G networks is expected to accelerate in the coming years, bringing even faster speed with lower latency and increasing its load capacity compared to its previous generations. 

This is also backed by the rapid availability of 5G-capable hardware to various economy segments mostly in the form of affordable smartphones that accept 5G signals.

Thus, when the 5G infrastructure is ready to go live, society will have a far easier time adapting and adopting this technology.

10 Mind Blowing New Technology Inventions 2023

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Like AI, both VR and AR have been developed for some time however in recent years it shows rapid growth in their advancement.

VR was initially started as a medium for gamers to better experience simulation games such as in the form of racing games, flight sims, and many other types of games that attempt to give a superior immersion to its players. 

While it still stays true until now, even better perhaps, this technology has also reached various other fields such as in the field of manufacturing, healthcare, and even transportation to some extent.

In the manufacturing field, for example, it is confirmed that during the pandemic, Intel, a semiconductor manufacturer, utilises VR and AR to continue developing its processor lineups from afar and it has been proven to be effective.

6. Renewable Energy

One thing that has been pushed for several years now is renewable energy as it plays a major role in how we shape future generations and one technology that has been a hot topic for some time is Electric vehicles (EV).

The idea of EVs is to help replace our dependency on petroleum fuel which is getting scarcer with each passing day with a rechargeable battery.

While it may have its cons, such as how electricity in some countries is still reliant on natural gas and coals which contradicts the renewable energy aspects as well as the recyclability issue of batteries, it can still be considered as a move to reasonably positive direction during this critical time as the technology and infrastructures have been present and currently at its rising.

There are dozens of renewable energy ideas out there that act as an alternative to EVs such as hydrogen fuel and synthetic gasoline fuelー an environmentally friendly fuel that is compatible with the current combustion engine and can be a direct replacement for petroleum fuel.

7. Further Progress on Green Technology

In addition to renewable energy, a push for greener technology has been at its peak due to the long overdue plan to put the brakes on our carbon emissions so we can tackle the climate crisis.

Just in early 2023, Shell and RWE, two major European energy companies, are establishing the first major green pipeline from wind plants in the North Sea to further continue the actualization of green hydrogen.

8. Autonomous Vehicle

The push of EVs which is also part of green technology has also introduced autonomous vehicle technology which is well known as a self-driving vehicle.

A self-driving vehicle relies on a computer to navigate and operate without the need for a human driver in control or at least trying to keep it at the very minimum.

Plenty of car manufacturers are developing this promising technology and while it can still be considered as early, gradually it will improve over time with different levels of autonomy.

9. Genetic Editing

Just recently, the idea of gene editing, which sounds like a fantasy, has now gotten one step closer to reality with the help of CRISPR-Cas9, the gene-editing technology that won its developers the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

CRISPR-Cas9 enables us to “edit nature” by altering its DNA and can change a genetic code in materials, plants, and even humans.

If further developed, this means that it could open the gate of possibility to curing genetic diseases which will be one of the breakthroughs in mankind.

10. Human Augmentation

Human augmentation or human enhancement might sound a bit too fantasy just like gene-editingー however, as it has been pointed out earlier, even genetic editing has found its way to make it to reality albeit still in its very early stage.

Tamar Makin, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the MRC cognition and brain unit at Cambridge University, is one of the scientists that sees human augmentation as a possible thing to do.

He believes that having the ability to attach robotic body parts will help boost our capabilities.

In his experiment of developing an extra thumb device, he stated:

“[Of around] 600 people between the age of three and 97, 98% could use it within the first minute, meaning … they could already move objects around as instructed,” said Makin. “I can’t imagine a brain chip that can do that.”

Bottom line

When digesting these latest information technology trends, we can see that there have been a handful of technological leaps in the past couple of years. 

From the advancement of AI and machine learning up to something that sounds straight up from future technology 2050 fiction such as human augmentation and genetic editing.

While this might sound a bit overwhelming to some, this should not make us afraid of technological progress, instead, it should make us humble and mindful that such progress could be easily lost if not treated carefully.


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