5 Best Australian-based WordPress Web Hosting for Beginner

5 Best Australian-based WordPress Web Hosting for Beginner

Hosting a website has never been easier than before. Whether you do it for promoting business, showing off your portfolio, or merely for hobby-related stuffー all of them can be done quite easily and quickly with the help of WordPress hosting.

By picking the best WordPress web hosting services that suit your needs, it helps not only increase the value of what you spend but also to make sure that your website runs in a reliable and safe condition.

And we are here to help you show where to start with that!

Why is WordPress hosting?

While it is true that there are plenty of other options out there, WordPress has been around for at least 20 years and it has proven its resilience and reliability.

The winning feature that has won WordPress among other competitors is that it provides a really flexible room for customization such as the ability to pick and/or design your own theme as well as install various add-on plugins that are available and have been verified by WordPress themselves.

Not only that, but WordPress hosting also lets users use themes and add-ons from third-party. This means that you can fully personalize your website to suit your preference and need. In short, you set your own limit!

So, which web hosting to use?

There are plenty of web hosting services nowadays that offer WordPress hosting as an option and it might feel a bit more overwhelming as to which one to choose. Here are 5 of our web hosting recommendations that you might want to consider.

WP Hosting

When it comes to authenticity, WP Hosting might be your best option. It has been around since 2008 and is run by 100% Australians including its 24/7 support team. This means that any type of questions will not be lost in translation as your questions will be answered by fellow locals.

They also offer a free migration service, which means if you previously have a running WordPress website, you can move them to WP hosting without any downtimeー free of charge.

Their pricing starts from $19/month up to $49/month.

Crazy Domains

If you are looking for cheap but reliable WordPress hosting with full possible features, Crazy Domains is the way to go.

With a starting price of $6.72/month, you can enjoy the full experience of WordPress hosting with 10GB capacity of SSD storage and unlimited data transfer bandwidth. Crazy Domains also provides temporary domain names so that you can use your website right away and it can be changed anytime you want.

There is a bit of a catch, however. The $6.72/month price only applies to a 10-year commitment. The shortest commitment that they offer is 3 months with $11.33/month in payment.

Though, all things considered, we believe that Crazy Domains still offers good value for money as it has the most complete options even in its cheapest plan if you are planning for the long term.


HostPapa is a good alternative for cheap WordPress hosting. With only $2.95/month, it offers 100GB of SSD storage and free domain registration.

Like Crazy Domains, a term also applies to that pricing. A commitment of at least 3 months is required to be eligible for $2.95/month. The discounted price applies for up to 3 years of subscription.

However, unlike Crazy Domains, HostPapa gives the option to subscribe monthly with its starting price of $8.95/month.


FastComet is a reliable option for those who are looking to host their small business website as its key feature includes the ability to create unlimited email accounts layered with multiple security features for spam and virus protection such as SpamExpert, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin.

During checkout, it is also possible for you to choose which server you want your website to be hosted on.

On top of that, FastComet also provides free 350+ templates and drag-and-drop website builders for ease of usage in personalizing your website.

As for the pricing, FastComet starts at $9.95/month up to $19.95/month with 75% off if using the code WINTER75.


For professional use, WPX is the way to go. With a 4.9 star rating in its Trustpilot, it is obvious that they deliver quality service.

WPX key features cater more towards professional usages, such as regular malware scans, 30 seconds average customer support response time with free fixes if the site went offline, two-factor authentication, as well as the ability to whitelist IPs that can use your WPX account.

Their pricing starts from $24.99/month up to $99.00/month with 2 months free if you opt for a yearly payment.

Bottom line

Hosting and running a website no longer requires you to be tech-savvy. With WordPress hosting, everyone should be able to host and manage their site without any issues as everything is made streamlined enough to be easily understood but at the same time, it also provides flexibility to those who wanted to experiment more.

For our recommendation, we can conclude as follows:

  • WP Hosting: Best all-rounder
  • Crazy Domains: Cheapest complete option for long-commitment use
  • HostPapa: Cheap reliable option for those who are looking for a shorter commitment
  • Fastcomet: Great for small business
  • WPX: Best value for professional usage

5 Best Australian-based WordPress Web Hosting for Beginner

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