Elon Musk Twitter Announces Another Unpopular Policy Imploding its Platform

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On Sunday, Elon Musk Twitter account announced that he is introducing a new “feature” to its platform where it limits users to only being able to read a certain amount of posts per day. He argues that this is a measure to combat the “extreme level of data scraping” and “system manipulation” that have been plaguing Twitter for some time.

Elon, the current Tesla and SpaceX CEO who now also owns Twitter, told that this countermeasure only applies temporarily until they found another better alternative to what he currently implements now. The initial limitation was to limit users with verified accounts to 6,000 post views per day, 600 posts per day for the unverified, and only 300 posts viewed per day for newly made accounts.

Not well received by the community

Not long after his initial tweet, Elon Musk on Twitter quote-retweeted his tweet saying that he will increase the limit from initially 6,000 posts viewed for the verified, 600 for the unverified and 300 for a new account, to 8,000, 800, and 400 respectively due to the fact that the amount of quota per day is just very far from enough.

Funnily enough, soon after Elon Musks tweets, a YouTube user under the name Eddie Sunder, posted a “speedrun” video of them attempting to reach the quota limit for new accounts. By the end of it, they managed to spend the new account quota in just less than 3 minutesー and that already includes almost 2 first minutes setting up the said new account.

Obviously, this isn’t a 100% reflection of a real-world scenario usage. However, it helps give a roughly good picture of how little Musks’ proposed daily quota is and how it would affect the average unverified users which can easily be assumed as most of its user base.

The United States’ top Twitter trends have also recently been flooded with tweets saying “RIP Twitter”, “Only 600”, and “READ 600”.

Elon’s response

After the badly received feature as well as the first attempt to “fix” things up by increasing the amount of original quota, Elon then tweeted that he again increases the limit to 10,000 views per day for the verified, 1,000 for the unverified and 500 for the new fresh accountー which unsurprisingly also failed to be received quite well.

Since then, he only made one last tweet saying “Oh the irony of hitting view limits due to complaining about view limits” and then went to another topic afterwards which means that this will likely be his final decision.

Bottom line

Earlier this Sunday, the CEO of Twitter Elon Musk decided to implement a new feature to limit its users’ ability to view content daily in order to combat the “extreme level of data scraping” and “system manipulation” from his platform.

The initial limit rate quota was 6,000 post views for the verified users, 600 for the unverified, and 300 for any newly made account. This was later changed to 8,000, 800, and 400 respectively a few hours after the initial tweet. 

Some hours later he went back and readjusted it to 10,000, 1,000, and 500 due to the massive backlash as well as reports that users complained it only took them a few minutes to reach the daily quota limit.

Currently, there has yet to be any further development about this issue and Elon has shifted its topic on Twitter to something else. Therefore, it is likely that this will be the final decision.

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