Google Flights Hack for Cheap Flights

Google Flights Hack for Cheap Flights

Google Flights Hack for Cheap Flights Depending on when you are reading this, it might almost be certain that summer may have come to a pass. However, there is no harm in learning a thing or two on Google Flight Matrix hack to help better plan your future trip.

This “hack” for the Google Flight tracker is not exactly an exploit as in exploiting Google Flights API or anything but more of a feature that has already existed albeit not many people know of— meaning you won’t receive any repercussion if you ever wish to use them.

What is this Google Flights hack?

The “hack” was first popularised by finance-content creator TikToker with more than 4 million followers on his account, Sam Jarman. In one of his TikTok videos, he shows that it is cheaper to book a flight through Google Flights’ map feature rather than searching for flights directly on the airline’s official website.

@sam_jarmanGoogle flight hack has saved me BIG $$$♬ original sound – Sam Jarman

As of writing, the video has received over a million likes and half millions of bookmarks which is impressive for something so simple. And as stated earlier, the said hack is basically just him showcasing people to order flight tickets through Googl Flights instead of purchasing them directly from the official airlines.

In this scenario, Sam shows that he can get a deal of a round trip to New York for $217 and he could then save further to just $177 by setting the date on flights Google to “1 week” instead of picking a specific date. By using this specific feature, it lets flight Google be flexible and find you the best flight price one-week round trip.

How to get the best deal through this hack?

While Sam’s video shows that he is using a mobile browser, this method also works on a desktop as well. Simply go to Google Flight’s website and select the roundtrip option.

The next step is to select your departure city but do not enter the destination. Instead, try using Google Flight’s map feature as it will let Google search for the cheapest locations it can find.

If you want to make it cheaper like Sam Jerman did, go to the calendar and select “1 week” for your trip duration then “all” for the months that you would like to travel. This will then show the cheapest 1-week trip that you can choose from throughout the year.

And to add a cherry on top, you can also select “nonstop” to only show results for a direct flight. The key to this “hack” is to be flexible with your plan.

Bottom line

A TikToker has recently shown an interesting way to save money on flight tickets by using Google Flight instead of booking a flight directly through the airline’s official website. 

One thing to keep in mind though, in this “hack” is that you must be flexible with your trip as the method is basically asking Google to find the cheapest round-trip flights throughout the year that you can choose from. The method should work globally including Google Flights Australia.

Google Flight is an online flight booking search service by Google and is not a flight simulator Google. For those who are looking for information about Google Earth flight simulator controls, you might have confused it with the Microsoft Flight Simulator game as Google Flight Simulator itself did not exist.


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