Hardware and Software Projects for Computer Engineering Students

Hardware and Software Projects for Computer Engineering Students

Computer engineering is a discipline that combines principles and practices from both electrical and computer engineering projects to design, develop, and maintain computer hardware and software systems as well as integrate them to ensure compatibility between various devices.

As computer engineering students, there will come a time when we are required to develop a project related to the fieldー either to only fulfill an exam requirement or even as proof of a final project in fulfilling final year projects for computer science.

Therefore, it is recommended that we take an early start in working on projects. Either as a mini projects for computer science students or something that you wanted to keep for the long run.

Here are a few of our suggestions for easy-to-start innovative project ideas for computer science students:

Setting up your own personal home “cloud” storage

This might be the easiest project to execute as there are already plenty of step-by-step tutorials on how to develop this.

Most home cloud storage relies on Network-attached Storage (NAS), a file-level storage architecture that makes stored data more accessible to networked devices.

NAS is also great for those who like to hoard a lot of data as its infrastructure itself is tuned for that specific occasion. 

Creating a Chat Bot

For the last couple of years, we have seen that plenty of activities have been shifted into the digital world and it is no longer an uncommon sight to see every service implements a chatbot as part of their user experience, especially in the customer service sector.

This makes a good opportunity to further deep dive into this project as even today, this technology is still in high demand, perhaps even higher than before due to the recent spark development of Artificial Intelligent (AI) and the integration of that technology with a chatbot.

For starters, you might want to check on SAP Conversational AI or Flutter as it gives a good foundation to find where to start.

Automated Examination Grading System

With how “digitised” our everyday life seems to be, it might sound surprising that a task such as grading an exam seems to still be done manually.

This opens up the possibility to tinker on a project evolving on this as not only it helps improve the current system, but it will also greatly reduce the chance of human error in grading.

Suspicious Activity Tracking Camera

If a hardware project is more of your fancy, perhaps building a tracking camera that can detect suspicious activity might sound interesting.

While there is already a handful of affordable home CCTV cameras on the market, plenty of them only serve as basically a wireless cameras and not much else.

And here’s where the project can fill the room for improvement, by further exploring the capability of home CCTVs while at the same time attempting to make them at a reasonable cost.

Secure Face Recognition

Still in similar hardware, a project evolving face recognition might also be an interesting project to be considered.

As we’ve all seen in the last couple of years, big companies have attempted to ditch the traditional fingerprint system most commonly on a smartphone, and replace them with face recognition AI. 

This security, while compared to when it first went public, is already relatively matured, there is still space to further develop this and integrate them with something elseー being implemented as a replacement for fingerprint in attendance list for example.

Working on this project also helps us to have a head start in understanding how this technology works.

Hardware and Software Projects for Computer Engineering Students
Hardware and Software Projects for Computer Engineering Students

Bottom line

Computer engineering is a discipline that not only relies on theory but lots of practice and it is inevitable for us to not be involved in a project related to that field, and as a student, it’s best to at least participate or initiate projects even if it’s just on a personal scale to get a headstart.

Our recommendations are only a glimpse of ideas that serve as a bit of inspiration as the truth is, dozens of unexplored interesting projects can be explored for computer engineering projects for final year students.

It is also possible to find computer engineering projects PDF on the internet to seek more inspiration. Alternatively, you can also search “final year project for computer engineering free download” and hardware projects for computer science students.

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