RTX 4060 Ti Release Date, Rumour, and Pricing

rtx 4060 ti release date

NVIDIA is reportedly in the middle of preparing the release of its “flagship” 4060 graphics card entry.

The graphics card will be the fifth of the GeForce 40 series that is powered by the Ada Lovelace architecture.

GeForce RTX 4060 Ti is rumoured to be released around May 2023, just less than a month after this article is published.

Rumoured performance

If the rumour is to be believed, the RTX 4060Ti is expected to max out the 5nm AD106 silicon similar to the RTX 4070 for laptops with a bit of a slight cut to 4,352 CUDA cores.

At the moment, NVIDIA seems to plan on releasing this GPU with just 8GB of VRAM under a conventional configuration of 18 Gbps-rated GDDR6 memory chips.

It has a TDP of 160 watts and is powered with 1×12-pin power connectors.

The design philosophy of this GPU is to overpass RTX 3070’s performance and should come close to the RTX 3070 Ti’s territory.

And just like the other 40-series card, the GPU is expected to be capable of running the latest DLSS 3 technology and can toggle the overdrive mode should the user is willing to.

When will RTX 4060 Ti come out and how much it will cost

Various media believe that NVIDIA will be releasing the graphics card sometime around May to early June 2023.

A YouTube channel RedGamingTech predicts that the retail price should come to around $450 should NVIDIA is willing to.

With that price, it means that the GPU should sit $150 under the recently released RTX 4070.

Bottom line

The latest highest supposedly entry level for NVIDIA’s RTX lineups, the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti is rumoured to be released sometime around May or early June 2023.

Pricing-wise, it should be around $450 considering the previous generation, the RTX 3060 Ti is priced at $399 MSRP.

The GPU should feature 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM and it should also be capable of running the latest 40-series features such as the NVIDIA DLSS 3.0.

In terms of performance, NVIDIA expects that the GPU should be able to surpass the GeForce RTX 3070 and come close to RTX 3070 Ti’s raw performance; however, we suggest waiting for an actual real test performance.

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