Twitter Introduce Twitter Premium Plus and Basic

Twitter Premium Plus

Twitter Premium Plus – It has been about a year since Elon Musk acquired Twitter for about $44 billion. Since then, there have been lots and lots of changes in its platforms including renaming the platform into the letter “X”.

Earlier on Saturday, the platform had once again begun to introduce another change to its platform and this time it is their subscription plan. Twitter/X is now offering two more subscription plans to complement the existing $8/month plan.

What’s new?

According to the official account, the 2 new plans are called “Basic” and “Premium+”. The Twitter/X Premium Plus feature seems to be built on the foundation of the existing standard Premium plan with several additions such as the removal of ads on “for you” and “following” tab and “largest boost for your replies (vs other Premium tiers or unverified users)” as quoted directly from the official premium account.

Twitter Premium Plus
Twitter Premium Plus

On the other hand, the new “Basic” plan for X subscriptions is said to offer the “essential” premium experience such as the ability to write or post longer tweets, edit existing tweets, and a bit of a reply boost. However, this X/Twitter subscription does not include the ability to monetize your posts or the privilege of having a checkmark next to your handle.

Twitter Premium Plus
Twitter Basic


The new X/Twitter premium price will cost $3/month or $32/year for the Basic plan and $16/month or $168/year for the Premium Plus. The existing Premium plan does not seem to have any price change which means it still costs $8/month or $84/year.

At the moment, the plan seems to also only be available for purchase on the web. To get that, you need to log in and then click the “Premium” menu on the sidebar. 

There, you will be greeted with a pop-up notice asking whether you are subscribing as an individual or corporate. Proceed with picking the individual and you should now see the detailed information of each of the available subscription plans and pricing.

Bottom line

On Saturday, the official account that manages premium features for Twitter/X announced 2 new subscription plans to complement the existing premium. The new plans in question are “Basic” and “Premium+”.

The Premium Plus plan includes all the perks that the existing Premium has with the addition of no ads on the “for you” and “following” tab as well as having the largest boost on reply compared to other plans.

For Basic, it also gives the same Premium plan experience albeit with a discount of not having the checkmark, no monetising ability, and the smallest reply boost. However, the boost is still relatively higher compared to the “unverified” users.

The Twitter/X premium price costs $3/month or $32/year for the Basic, $8/month or $84/year for the standard Premium and $16/month or $168/year for its highest premium plan— the Premium Plus. To subscribe to these new plans, you have to access the platform using a web browser and then proceed to click their “Premium” menu.


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