XDefiant Release Date: PEGI Rating Rumour Might or Might Not Lead to Something

XDefiant Release Date: PEGI Rating Rumour Might or Might Not Lead to Something

XDefiant release date – The Tom Clancy XDefiant, well, before Ubisoft dropped the “Tom Clancy’s” name from the game, is one of the most anticipated first-person shooting (FPS) games that was supposed to be released sometime in summer 2023. XDefiant is planned to be a free-to-play (F2P) business model and will be available on both current and older-generation consoles and PCs.

The game was first announced by Ubisoft back in July 2021 and since then it has been undergoing several testing and development including insider and beta tests with XDefiant closed beta test held back in April 2023. Recently, there has been a rumour update related to its release as the game has finally received an official PEGI rating approval.

About the PEGI rating and comments from the developer

We previously knew that the game was confirmed to be released somewhere around summer 2023 and as of writing, summer has soon come to its end. Hence it makes sense that fans expect that the game might just be around the corner when they find out the announced PEGI rating.

XDefiant Release Date

From what it seems the game is rated to be PEGI 16 which is totally fair for a shooter game type of genre. Another thing to notice is that the game is rated to include an in-game purchase system; meaning that we can expect the game to potentially rely on some sort of battle passes and skins to sustain its lifespan.

The PEGI rating rumour has seemed to catch the developer’s ear as Mark Rubin, XDefiant’s Executive Producer, made a statement on his personal Twitter (now formally known as X) account as follows:

XDefiant Release Date

While it has been confirmed that the PEGI rating rumour was actually true, unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the expected release as “it literally just means that PEGI has approved the rating that they have assigned to the game. It’s completely disconnected from Submission.”.

However, Mark continues his tweet with the hope that he will soon be able to deliver more news about the game. He also added that the previous beta reached a little over 2.5 million playerbase and he and the team hope that they are able to aim for the quarter of that for the official release.

What to expect for XDeviant

The game formerly known as Tom Clancy’s XDeviant title is a first-person shooter game that is planned to be released as a free-to-play game developed by Ubisoft. It features a variety of factions and classes to choose from and each carries their own unique abilities and weapons.

XDeviant is set in a modern near-future version of the United States where players will engage in fast-paced and team-based combat across a variety of maps and game modes. 

Ubisoft announced that the game should be available for release somewhere around summer 2023 to newer console platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S and PC. Not only that, they also confirm that the game will come to older consoles as well, therefore XDeviant PS4 and Xbox One can also be expected to come.

Bottom line

XDeviant, the free-to-play first-person shooting game developed by Ubisoft has recently received its PEGI rating. Fans speculate that it might be a hint that the game’s official release might be close considering they promise a release in summer 2023.

Unfortunately, the rumour has been debunked by the developer stating that it was just a mere rating that any developer needs to comply with and doesn’t correlate to the release. However, he is hoping to be able to share more info about the game very soon.

The game XDeviant will come on both console and PC. It supports newer and older console generations.


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