5 Recommended AI Essay Generator to Help Your Writing

Ai essay generator

If you ever feel like being under a creativity null simply known as writer’s block or want to write essays or articles but are confused about where to start, perhaps an AI essay generator could become handy.

While AI that writes essays might bring controversies, especially in the academic field, we believe that if used responsibly and serve as a tool to help instead of a direct replacement, it can further increase our positive productivity.

Therefore, here are our five recommendations for the best free essay generator.

1. Textero

When it comes to an AI writer essay, Textero might be one of the best in the market.

With just a simple step of signing up to their site, you have access to create full essays with good structures. Not only that, when the AI generate essay, it also provides the source it used.

Textero is completely free at the moment however with the advancement of AI technology, there might be new features that will come behind the paywall in the future.

Ai essay generator

2. EssayPal

Similar to Textero, EssayPal is yet another powerful essay writer AI. 

The main selling point of EssayPal is that instead of simply letting the AI generate essays, it instead acts as a “companion” to your writing that helps complete your text.

To put it simply, EssayPal is a tool that lets you do tandem in your writing.

EssayPal is free to use albeit quite limited in features compared to Textero however with just $5/month it lets you write 10 essays per month and 1000 AI generations (the write for me feature/tandem).

Ai essay generator

3. QuillBot

QuillBot is yet another powerful AI that can help you complete your essay, however, this one comes up with plenty of features in just one service account.

The AI offers a paraphrasing companion, grammar and plagiarism checker, summarizer, citation generator, translator, and even the main feature that EssayPal has, a co-writer AI, an AI write essay feature.

QuillBot is also available as an extension for Chromium browsers and Microsoft Word which really puts a high bar of standard for this AI service.

Just as the same as EssayPal, QuillBot offers a free yet limited feature with premium as an option which starts at $10 per month and offers a discount price if billed annually or semi-annually.

Ai essay generator

4. Paraphraser

Paraphraser’s main selling point, just as the name already described, is its paraphrasing capability.

Its trained AIs are promised to generate a human level of paraphrasing and should be free from any form of plagiarism.

Aside from paraphrasing, the AI also offers features such as grammar and plagiarism checkers, text summarizers, and article rewriters which could be really useful tools to help kick-start writing creativity.

Per usual it offers a free plan with limited features and a premium for those who seek the advanced feature, however, Paraphraser’s subscription plan might be the most costly among its competitors as it starts at $7/week and $20/month ($12.5/month if billed yearly).

Ai essay generator

5. ChatGPT

Yes, each time you scroll around the internet you might have heard the name of this platform that revolutionises the understanding of AI to public domains.

While it might be inferior in features compared to other options that are more focused on essay tasks, ChatGPT should be able to fulfil generating simple essay requests.

Do note however that ChatGPT is unable to ensure that its generated information is free from plagiarism, therefore, we believe that ChatGPT should only serve as a platform to get inspiration to write your topic instead of attempting to fully rely on it.

The good news is that ChatGPT is fully free to use and while there might be a time when it becomes inaccessible due to high traffic demand, if given time, it should be open for everyone to use again.

Bottom line

Nowadays, there are plenty of AIs to choose from with each of its specialisations, including writing an essay.

Of all five of our recommendations, we conclude that if you seek an all-in-one solution for your writing, QuillBot might be best for you as it offers the most complete package in just one service. 

As for the free solution, Textero should be the best choice as it provides the most complete essentials to help your essays without the need of paying a single penny.


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