AMD Quietly Shipping Ryzen 5100: A Quad Core Budget CPU for AM4

AMD Quietly Shipping Ryzen 5100

AMD Quietly Shipping Ryzen 5100– With the unexpected release of AMD Ryzen 5600X3D earlier this July, one would have assumed that the said CPU will be the very final release for the AM4 socket as AMD has moved on to the AM5. This is because the embedded 3D cache technology on this chip is basically AMD’s way to recycle components that are considered to not make the cut to power its stronger sibling and in this case, it was the Ryzen 5800X3Dー by basically jerry-rigging a leftover 5600X with 3D cache module. The chip itself is also only released through a local PC components store in the US, the Micro Center.

However, surprisingly the release of Ryzen 5 5600X3D will not be the last time that we hear of any new chips for the supposedly obsolete AM4 socket as it seems AMD has also been preparing the release of Ryzen 5100, a quad-core processor that is supposedly dedicated for the entry market. The leak was found in GIGABYTE’s AM4 motherboard page where AMD quietly shipping Ryzen 3 5100 as the CPU name has recently been added in the supported lists.

Ryzen 5100 specification

From what we have known so far the quad-core Ryzen 3 5100 is built on Cezanne core architecture, the same as the 5600 series and 5700 series and will have a 4 total core with 8 threads. The CPU will run at a base frequency of 3800 GHz that can boost up to 4200 GHz, shipped with 8MB of L3 cache and is expected to run at 65 watts TDP.

The specification seems to align really closely to last year’s release Ryzen 4100. It shares the exact same core and threads, base clock and TDP. However, the 4100 was built based on Zen 2 rather than Zen 3. The Ryzen 4100 also has a 200GHz lower boost and half of the L3 cache that is shipped with the Ryzen 5100.

Considering the Ryzen 5100 also doesn’t have a “G” tag on its name, it can also be safe to assume that the CPU will not ship with any form of integrated GPU. It means that users have to use their own video cards otherwise the PC will not display anything.

Pricing and release date

So far there has yet to be any new info regarding the Ryzen 5100 price and Ryzen 5100 release date. However, considering the Ryzen 3 4100 was released at $99 MSRP, the 5100 should be somewhere around if not the same as that price range.

Currently, the Ryzen 4100 sits around A$99 up to A$123 around the marketplace. Which, even at its cheapest price, has already gone below the initial MSRP price even after just a year since its release.

AMD Quietly Shipping Ryzen 5100
AMD Quietly Shipping Ryzen 5100

Bottom line

AMD is surprisingly planning another CPU release for its older socket, the AM4. Last time, it was predicted that the Ryzen 5 5600X3D will be the closing for the already outdated socket as the release of that CPU is solely because AMD wanted to recycle their defective stock that didn’t make it for the 5800X3D.

The 5600X3D was also only launched in the US, specifically handled by Micro Center which is a PC part store due to its irregularity. However, it seems AMD will also be shipping another AM4 CPU which is the Ryzen 3 5100.

The leak was first found through the official GIGABYTE motherboard CPU support list where it lists Ryzen 5100 as one of its recently supported processors. It shares a really similar specification to 4100, however, it has a 200GHz higher boost clock and is shipped with 8 MB of L3 cache instead of 4 MB. Ryzen 3 5100 is also built on Zen 3 architecture instead of Zen 2.

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