Is EVGA Withdrawing?

EVGA Withdrawing

One of the major reputable PC part makers EVGA allegedly plans to withdraw from the computer market. The rumour was first heard from a now-deleted post on a South Korean forum that states plenty of its employees including the renowned overclocker EVGA KINGPIN left the company’s Taiwan operation base.

Not long before this, EVGA have already made it clear that they are exiting the graphics card market with EVGA GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN as their last mass-produced GPU. The latest rumour development shows that they are also slowly shutting down the EVGA motherboard division.

The post in the South Korean forum, CoolEnjoy, was first initiated by renowned overclocker SAFEDISK which states as follows:


I would like to tell you the news about EVGA.

It seems that the closure of the business is becoming a fact here.

I don’t know what will happen to the warranty problem, but I hope EVGA users don’t have any complaints about this problem.

I wonder what will happen in the future.

I have to wait for EVGA’s official announcement. ー SAFEDISK through CoolEnjoy forum.

Since the initial post there has been further development regarding this topic as TechPowerUP have successfully attempted to reach out to workers in EVGA and their response was “it’s just another day at the office”. The EVGA office in Spain then later further confirms that the company, even the Taiwan branch, is not going anywhere at the moment in a statement:

“We saw those messages and they are rumours.

Our Taiwan office is still operating and Kingpin is still with EVGA.

EVGA is still doing business and supporting its customers.

Thanks for reaching out.” ー EVGA Spain. 

As the news has been debunked, it is relieving news that the company will still stay afloat to fill up the PC part markers market. EVGA has been fondly loved by the PC community as the company is one of the few who are deemed to understand what the enthusiast really wants. The major stance that differentiates EVGA from other part makers brands is the fact that their warranty also covers failures due to overclocking on its product.

The following statement regarding the warranty still exists in its FAQ post:

“EVGA’s motherboard and graphics card components are designed for and intended for enthusiasts. To be perfectly clear, overclocking will NOT VOID your warranty. This means that you are free to do any type or level of overclocking you like, including traditional means, such as by using the BIOS/UEFI (for motherboards); software overclocking with EVGA utilities, such as Precision X1TM or ELEET X1; or even third-party software utilities. If the motherboard or card fails due to overclocking, you’re covered.

Likewise, EVGA understands that enthusiasts are not always satisfied with the provided stock cooling options. Replacing heatsinks, fans, or thermal grease will NOT VOID your warranty. Want to install a waterblock on your new motherboard or graphics card? No problem. Planning on a long benching session with a DICE/LN2 pot? Good luck on the benching, but your warranty will still be intact after you’ve set new world records.

Of course, there are some limitations to our warranties. If an EVGA motherboard or graphics card sustains physical (i.e. damage to the PCB or component due to slippage with a hand tool) or liquid damage, the warranty is void. Similarly, permanent changes to components or the PCB will void your warranty, including the removal of pre-attached components soldered to the board, or the addition of components that are not removable without heat or solvents. In other words, you may use Precision X1TM to raise the voltage on your graphics card while overclocking, but you may not solder on another power connector as an alternative.

If the product fails within the warranty period, you must return the product to its original configuration. This means ALL original heatsinks and fans must be reattached as they were when it was first shipped. Even if the product no longer works, it must be returned to its original state before sending it in. If you no longer have the original heatsinks you may be charged for the missing parts.” ー EVGA FAQ Help Center

Bottom line

A rumour regarding the withdrawal of EVGAs GPU and motherboard division has become a hot topic for the last few days and fortunately, the said rumour turns out to be just a mere rumour. This was confirmed by EVGA Spain through TechPowerUp.

EVGA is one of the major PC part makers loved by enthusiasts due to its stance that covers warranty even on overclocking use. Unfortunately, sometime last year it announced to scale down its production by ending its GPU production, leaving only a small selection of Intel’s Z series motherboards and EVGA power supply to its lineups. They are also selling other peripherals and coolers, however, those are lesser known in the market.


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