A Glance at South Eveleigh, The Previously Known as Australian Technology Park

Australian Technology Park

The South Eveleighー previously known as Australian Technology Park (ATP), is a retail, business center, and technology park that primarily houses start-up hi-tech companies.

The park’s main intent is to encourage collaborative ventures in realizing ideas and prototypes and pushing them to the public domain.

A brief history

The park started its life as a railway workshop named Eveleigh Railway Workshops. This workshop was first built in 1882 to build and maintain the infrastructure for the railway system.

During its lifetime, the locomotive workshop underwent several changes and in 1995 it was redeveloped as the Australian Technology Park and has become a modern hub for technology and innovation.

The now-defunct workshop itself is now being crowned as a heritage building and has received awards from the Australian Institute of Architects ever since its redevelopment. This is because the redevelopment honors the adaptive reuse method where despite some part of the building being used for a different purpose, it still retains the original build and designs.

Today’s Australian Technology Park

In 2015, the ATP was acquired by Mirvac and then later renamed South Eveleigh.

South Eveleigh is now famously known as a home for large-scale public art such as The Interchange Pavilion by Chris Fox, Lobby Art by Jonathan Jones, The Eveleigh Tree House, and Happy Rain by Nell.

The major Australian television network, Seven Network, has also moved its production studios to South Eveleigh.

In addition to the 2 mentioned changes, South Eveleigh has also found its name to be a hotspot for its cuisine, such as Lucky Kwong, Eat Fuh, Ra Ra Chan, and Fishbowl.

The acquisition also brings several revitalizations of ATP as well as its public surroundings.

Australian Technology Park
Australian Technology Park



The Australian Technology Park has undergone various journeys in its lifetime. It first started as a railway workshop named Eveleigh Railway Workshops in the 19th to 20th century which after the defunct, was turned into a heritage building known as Australian Technology Park.

The park has since then become a major center for innovation and research in Australia, housing a range of technology and science-based businesses, as well as research institutions and educational facilities.

After being acquired by Mirvac, it was renamed South Eveleigh and is popular for its large-scale public arts as well as its cuisines.

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