Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles

Nowadays, whenever people want to make a call most of them will reach out to their mobile phones to do the job. Either via a normal phone call line or via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) such as WhatsApp or Telegram, those tasks can be done with just a swipe.

However, that does not mean eliminating the existence of normal home telephones. While it is true that most people will think that those seem like relics of the past, it still has their own place in our society; such as in the field of public services, business, or just those who prefer telephones over smartphones.

As the internet has also become a necessity, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) took the mantle to create an internet plan that also bundles with home telephone features.

Therefore, this is our list of recommended ISPs that might interest you.

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia

Tangerine Telecom

When it comes to ISP, Tangerine is probably one of the best options out there as it carries a fairly high amount of customer satisfaction under its belt.

It has a really streamlined plan with a couple of add-on customizations that help users not to feel overwhelmed. In this case, you might want to also add the HOME PHONE PLAN for $10/month before checkout which is an add-on for unlimited home telephone calls.

For home users, we recommend going for the XL SPEED BOOST plan as it has the best overall internet speed at a reasonable price; 50Mbps download and 17Mbps upload speed on a typical evening day.

The plan cost $54.90/month for 6 months and 69.90/month after that. It also has no lock-in contract which is a huge plus. In total, you will be spending $64.90/month during the first 6 months and 79.90/month ongoing.

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia


Exetel provides 6 unlimited data plans with a starting price of $53.95/month up to $109.95/month alongside three optional add-ons which include the option to include a modem in the purchase, a phone service, and additional firewall protection.

For Exetel, we recommend going for their nbn50 Extra-value plan as the plan includes free 5 credits per month to upgrade your internet speed for 24 hours from 50Mbps to up to 100Mbps.

Its home telephone plan offers 2 options; pay-as-you-go and unlimited phone calls for $10/month. You can pick either that suits your preference.

The nbn50 Extra-value costs $53.95/month for the first 6 months and $74.95/month ongoing.

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia


SpinTel feels like a mix between Tangerine and Exetel, where it has the most streamlined plans with a pay-as-you-go home telephone option. Its nbn plans start at $44/month to up to $69/month.

Its interesting features lie in its modem selection as it includes Google Nest Wifi Router as an option. This is a great option as you can get Google Nest for a cheaper price.

The unlimited home telephone add-on costs $10.00/month with unlimited phone calls across Australia while its pay-as-you-go option gives free calls for incoming calls.

Its 50Mbps plan cost $54/month for 6 months and $64.95/month ongoing.

Best Cheap NBN with Telephone Bundles in Australia

Bottom line

While it is undeniable that most people have shifted to smartphones compared to home telephones, there are still a handful of ISPs that provide those services and even at a bargain price.

In between our 3 picks, we believe that all of them offer a really competitive price for their features.

Exetel might give the best offer if you surf the internet often, while SpinTel might be best for those who surf the internet on a casual basis and are interested in its Google nest modem while Tangerine might be best for those who just want everything that just works.

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