Discord Introduces AI Features to Its Platform

Discord Introduces AI Features to Its Platform

Amid the seeming rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in our presence, it is not uncommon for companies to also jump on the bandwagon of this sweet new technology; and Discord is now one of them.

In a blog post posted on 9 March 2023 entitled Discord is Your Place for AI with Friends, Anjney Midha, Vice President, and Platform Ecosystem of Discord expresses his interest in integrating AI into its platform and has planned to roll out 5 new AI-powered features as an experiment.

Out of 5 AIs that they are planning to introduce, 3 of them are ready to go live on a limited number of servers.


For Discord users, the name Clyde might not be uncommon to hear. This is because the robot has existed for quite some time as a robot that responds to your slash command or when you’ve made an error.

However, that is about to change as on 16 March, it is planned that Clyde will be given an AI ability to hang out with users.

By typing @Clyde in a server, you can chat and have extended conversations with them. It can also start a thread, recommend playlists, access GIFs and send them just like normal users.

AutoMod AI

Just like Clyde, AutoMod is also a robot that you can already use today. Currently, its main purpose is to block unwanted messages that have been set by channel managers.

The AI treatment will expand its capability as it gives them access to larger language models and can read the context of the messages. If they catch something that they think is suspicious, they will notify the moderators.

AutoMod AI can already be used as this writing has gone live.

Conversation Summaries

This AI technology works as just as the name suggests; to help make a summary in the chat conversation that you are following so that you can always be up to speed even when you are away.

The feature can be enabled in server settings on 16 March on a limited number of servers.

Avatar Remix

Avatar Remix is another robot built with AI. It is basically Discord’s take on creating generative image models. Users can put a command to what needs to be changed and the AI will fetch the user’s image and edit it according to its command.

The code for Avatar Remix is available as free under an open-source license on GitHub for developers to experiment.

Whiteboard with AI Preview

The last AI feature that Discord introduced is whiteboardー with a slight twist where the drawn picture or scribbles can be turned into a finished product using a text-to-image generator powered by AI.

The E.T.A. for this feature is still unknown but Anjney promised that it is coming soon.In summary,

Discord has joined the AI market with the introduction of its 5 experimental AIs; 1 has gone live while 2 are already completed, however, it will be properly launched on 16 March 2023.

The AI robots in question are AutoMod AI which is the one that is now accessible for users, followed up with Clyde and Conversation Summaries which is planned to be released to the public on 16 March.

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