FFXIV FFXVI Collab Date is Happening: Here’s What to Expect for the Reward

ffxiv ffxvi collab date

FFXIV FFXVI collab date – Recently during PAX East 2024 Naoki Yoshida famously known as YoshiP, the director and the producer of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV as well as Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy franchise Final Fantasy XVI announces several updates regarding its upcoming expansion Dawntrail.

Several of its announcements include the pre-order date for the expansions and its special reward bundle, information regarding the collector and digital collector edition for the Dawntrail expansion, the further information about the cross-collaboration between FFXIV and FFXVI was also mentioned.

When is the FFXIV FFXVI collab?

According to the panel, we can expect the special quest to be available from 2 April 2024 to 8 May 2024. This matches the information found by the data miner on Twitter which showed that the event items have been added alongside the recent 6.58 patch.

ffxiv ffxvi collab date

For the pre-requisite requirements, unfortunately, we’re also in the dark about that part as the panel does not mention anything of any sort but if we reflect on previous major collaborations such as one with FFXV, it is likely that players need to finish at least the main part of A Realm Reborn.

What will be the FFXIV FFXVI collab rewards?

Fortunately, YoshiP did spill the beans on what rewards players can expect during the special event. Aside from the previously mentioned Clive’s attire as well as Torgal minions, apparently, we will also be getting a total of 10 FFXVI-themed orchestrion rolls and Clive Triple Triad card.

ffxiv ffxvi collab date

There’s a catch however as while the attire and Torgal minion can be obtained for free after clearing the quest, both orchestrion rolls and the triple triad card are not free to grab as seen from the panel snap above. To get all the items players need to have at least 400.000 worth of MGP.

Bottom line

The anticipated collaboration between FFXIV and FFXVI has finally come to a close as YoshiP confirms it will start on 2 April 2024 and will last until 8 May 2024. While the prerequisite requirement isn’t so clear, players likely need to finish at least the main part of A Realm Reborn.

On the occasion, YoshiP also shares the obtainable reward for the event and aside from Clive’s attire as well as Torgal minion, players can also get a total of 10 FFXVI orchestrion rolls as well as Clive Rosfield Triple Triad cards. Do note that players need to obtain a total amount of 400.000 MGP to acquire all the optional rewards.


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