How to Enable ReBAR for RTX 20 Series and Older Through Mods

how to enable rebar for rtx 20 series

How to enable ReBAR for RTX 20 Series — Ever since AMD popularised the idea of ReBAR (ResizableBAR), Intel and NVIDIA have soon adopted this technology to be adapted into their GPU lineups. Not long after, the motherboard manufacturers also joined the ship by enabling this feature when it got paired with suitable hardware.

Unfortunately, while AMD and Intel decided to adopt and integrate this technology into their current and even older lineups, the same case cannot be said for NVIDIA as it decided to lock this feature only to their RTX 30 series and upwards despite its older lineups being more than capable— but not for long as with the help of mods, RTX 20 users and even GTX 16 series can finally able to use ReBAR. 

How to enable Resizable Bar support for RTX 20 Series and GTX 16 Series with NvStrapsReBar

Before proceeding, you should be aware that at its current stage, the mod is highly intended for experienced users as there is a small but significant risk of it bricking your motherboard. Therefore, please proceed with caution.

how to enable rebar for rtx 20 series
The way NvStrapsReBar works is by patching your motherboard’s UEFI firmware to set the BAR size, basically acting as the unofficial UEFI driver for the unsupported GPU. For those who are using older boards where ReBAR is not supported by default, it is technically still possible to enable them though it depends on the Above 4G Decoding option in your UEFI setup, which must be turned on in advance, and CSM must be disabled, developer mentions.

For the full guide on enabling ReBAR on RTX 20 and GTX 16 series, please proceed through this page on GitHub.

Bottom line

Modders have found a way to enable ReBAR support on NVIDIA’s older Turing and Pascal GPUs, that is the RTX 20 and GTX 16 series. However, there is also a slight chance that it may brick your motherboard.

NvStrapsReBar works by basically acting as your UEFI driver for ReBar support, therefore enabling your GPU to make use of the feature. The full guide on how to enable them can be found on their GitHub page.


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