How to Install Windows Copilot: Getting Copilot for Windows

How to install Windows Copilot – With the rollout of Windows 11 23H2 to the public channel, Microsoft has decided to put Cortana to rest and added Windows Copilot to replace its seat. Windows Copilot is a chat mode of Microsoft Bing that can understand and communicate fluently in the languages of our choosing.

Despite being a direct replacement to Cortana, Microsoft Copilot goes beyond to do what its predecessor does with its integration to GPT-based technology as well as its integration to the operating system itself— enabling them to perform even more various tasks such as web search, image creation, launching apps and more. If these features interest you, here’s the how-to guide on how to get Windows Copilot to your system.

How to enable Windows Copilot

Before proceeding, be sure that you are already in Windows 11 23H2. If you are unsure whether you are on the right version of Windows, here is a quick simple guide to check them.

  1. Press the start/home button (the Windows logo) on the taskbar and type “About your PC”
  2. On its top “Best match” you should see “About your PC” and a small “System settings” letter beneath it. Select that search result.
  3. It will then open your “About” menu on Windows settings. Scroll down until you see “Windows specifications”.
  4. There will be several sub-informations about your installed Windows and you should see “Version” on the second row. If it says “23H2” it means you are in the right version of Windows.
how to install windows copilot

After making sure that you are in the right version of Windows, you can then proceed to follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” by typing “Settings” after pressing the start/home button.
  2. Once it opens the “Settings” menu, proceed to the “Personalisation” option.
  3. There will be several sub-menus such as “Background”, “Colours” and “Themes”. Scroll down until you find “Taskbar” and click the sub-menu.
  4. Inside the “Taskbar” menu, toggle the Copilot switch and you should be able to see the Windows Copilot icon in your taskbar.
  5. Press the Windows Copilot icon and it will open the Copilot on the right or left side of your screen depending on your system language. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut “Windows logo + C” to open them.
how to install windows copilot

If you are unable to find Windows Copilot in your taskbar sub menu, it could be because your version of Windows is not yet eligible for the feature. As Windows Copilot is still in beta, Microsoft may have yet to roll out the Copilot for your region.

Bottom line

With the update of Windows 11 version 23H2, Microsoft has replaced Cortana with Copilot for some eligible users. Some of the key features of Copilot include the ability to perform web searches, image creation, launching apps and more thanks to its integration with GPT-based AI.

The steps above provide you with a quick guide on how to check the version of your Windows as well as adding Copilot to your taskbar. If you are unable to find Copilot after following the steps, it could mean that Microsoft has yet to make them available in your region as its status is still in Windows Copilot beta.

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