Pokemon with Gun Palworld Beats Counter Strike 2 Peak Record

Pokemon with Gun

Pokemon with guns – The recently released Pokemon-like Palworld has recently stolen a highlight on the internet with its impressive milestone of 8 million copies sold in just less than a week after its release and it doesn’t just stop at that as currently the game also sits on the second place for most played game on Steam.

Even as of writing, there are currently 1,436,545 players playing right now with a total peak of 1,999,272 players within the last 24-hour period.

A game that keeps on rising

Since its first sudden boom around last week, this Pokemon with Gun game has leapt through an insane amount of achievement in just a short amount of time. It was ranked 3rd in top wishlisted games on Steam then managed to peak at 1 million copies sold in just less than 12 hours after release.

Pokemon with Gun

The hype just doesn’t stop there however as the number of copies sold was basically doubled by the end of the day and still continues to rise to this date with a total of 8 million copies sold in less than a week thanks to its unique and fresh take on this game. In comparison, the original Cyberpunk 2077 needs around 3 weeks to reach the 13.7 million copies milestone which really shows how impressive what Palworld has achieved.

Pokemon with Gun

And to add the cherry on top, Palworld has recently beaten Valve’s Counter Strike 2 all-time peak record which makes Palworld sitting in second place just below PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or PUBG before it went free to play. Currently, Palworld is peaking at 2,010,117 which is truly an impressive display considering it beats last year’s Game of The Year Baldur’s Gate 3.

Bottom line

The recently released Pokemon with Guns game has set an astonishing Palworld record for being the 2nd most played game on Steam peaking at 2,010,117 peak players beating Valve’s CS2.

Not only that, the game has also sold a total of 8 million copies in just less than a week after its initial release even though Palworld is technically still in early access— all thanks to its refreshing and fun take on Pokemon-style game.

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