Yakuza Infinite Wealth May Potentially Become The Best Sequels of its Series if SEGA Listens to Fans

yakuza infinite wealth

Yakuza Infinite Wealth New Game Plus – With how good the wrap-up for Like a Dragon Gaiden and the setup for the upcoming Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth, it’s no surprise it gained lots of anticipation from fans yet unfortunately the hype bubble burst by you guessed it— the corporate. Not only normal corpos, but SEGA themselves.

For the last couple of years, the gaming industries in general have seemingly turned into an odd direction and it seems like it is finally SEGA’s turn to spoil the fun with the release of pre-orders for LAD Infinite Wealth, they attempted to put the most basic feature that all game must have especially RPGs into a paywall, the new game plus feature.

Infinite Wealth? More like Infinite Greed

As shown on their official website, currently the game is planned to be released in 3 available packages; namely standard, deluxe, and ultimate edition and there really isn’t any issue with that considering it has unfortunately become the norm nowadays. The issue comes in when we take a look at the description under the deluxe edition.

yakuza infinite wealth
yakuza infinite wealth

Yes, it says that one of the special features that is bundled with the Master Vacation Bundle is the ability to do a new game+. This means that Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth new game plus will not be available for those who purchase the standard edition although an NG+ is basically the most standard thing that every game should have to help increase the replayability value.

To rub salt into the wound, the standard edition already costs $70 according to Steam and an additional $15 and $40 respectively for the Deluxe and Ultimate editions— a total of $85 just to get the Like a Dragon New Game+ feature, insanity.

Bottom line

SEGA has recently pulled a new level of greed move by locking Yakuza Infinite Wealth New Game Plus mode behind a paywall as the base game will not ship with the said feature although this is the most basic feature, especially for RPG games. The NG+ feature is bundled in the Master Vacation Bundle which can only be obtained by purchasing the Deluxe or Ultimate edition.

This move gained a lot of controversy and mixed feelings among the fans as it is considered one of the most anticipated games due to it being the closure for the Kiryu Kazuma saga yet at the same time it got muddied by corporate greed. For the record, the base game will cost $70 and an additional $15 and $40 respectively for the Deluxe and Ultimate editions.

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