Intel Chief Architect for Intel Arc Alchemist Raja Koduri Leaves Offices to Start AI Startups

Raja Koduri Leaves Offices to Start AI Startups

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced on Twitter on 22 March 2023 that the current Chief Architect Raja Koduri will leave the office by the end of this month.

Raja, who has been working for companies like AMD and Intel for many years, also announces on Twitter that after leaving he plans to start an AI software company.

In the recent company’s reorganization, Intel has decided to part ways with its Chief Architect, Raja Koduri.

The news was announced by Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on the quoted retweet:

Raja Koduri Leaves Offices to Start AI Startups

The quoted retweet mentioned that aside from appointing Stuart Pann to be Intel’s Lead Foundry Services (IFS) replacing Randhir Thakur, he mentioned that Raja will also leave the office by the end of this month to start up an AI software company.

Raja confirmed the news by replying to Stuart’s tweet via quoted retweet thanking him for his time in Intel and is also confirming his future plan after parting with Intel.

Raja Koduri Leaves Offices to Start AI Startups

Intel hired Raja from Intel back in 2017 where he was similarly in charge of the graphics department division and this was also at the same time that Intel revealed its interest in creating a discrete GPU.

The news was received in a welcoming hand among the enthusiast community as at the time AMD and NVIDIA have started to become even less competitive and stale mainly due to the pandemics and not much competition. Thus, by having a third competition, it is hoped that it would shake that foundation.

Intel then officially announced the release of its discrete GPU lineup named Intel Arc Alchemist series back on 30 March 2022 however most of its lineups got delayed until October 2022 which made Intel miss their initial Q2 2022 release target.

The late release, unfortunately, led to lukewarm sales results as by the time their entire lineups went on the shelves, the GPU market had started to stabilize as the Crypto market collapsed.


Intel, as part of its company restructuring, has decided to let go their Chief Architect Raja Koduri who is mostly known to be the one responsible for the release of its discrete GPU lineup, the Intel Arc Alchemist.

Raja confirmed that his next step after leaving by the end of this March is to start an AI-related software company.


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