Tesla Steam Support is Being Dropped on Newer Tesla Models

tesla steam support ending

Tesla Steam support ending — Tesla is rumoured to end its Tesla Steam game support integration for their newer Tesla Model X and Tesla Model Y. Its reveal was first put into highlighted by electrek stating that new buyers of the said model will no longer receive their cars shipped with Steam beta feature.

A bit of a confusing approach one may ask as just a couple years back Tesla was heavily investing to integrate desktop-level video games into their electric vehicle. The company even partners with AMD to make that possible.

“Tesla is updating the gaming computer in your Model X and your vehicle is no longer capable of playing Steam games. All other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected,” wrote the automaker. 

tesla steam support ending

From the wording alone, the change is likely to only affect newer production of the same model unless they are also releasing an over-the-air update to existing owners that disables the feature. At the moment, this means that the 2024 model of Tesla Model X Steam support will not be present and it is unknown whether it can be manually patched or not— assuming there is such a way to do that.

Can it be re-enabled?

Plenty of users speculate that this change may be going as deep as the hardware level where Tesla is swapping their components for less powerful components as a cost-saving measure. Therefore, even if there is a way to re-enable Tesla Model S Steam support or X Steam support, the hardware may be incapable of running any games on them.

Bottom line

Rumour has it that Tesla Steam game support ending is happening despite the heavy investment of the company to integrate gaming into their EVs. As of now, the change is likely to only affect newer production of Tesla Model X and S and those who bought the car before 2024 may be unaffected.

The change may likely go as deep as within its hardware level with Tesla potentially swapping its internal components for its newer batch to the less powerful one to cut costs in their production.

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