God of War Ragnarok PC Requires PSN Account to Play

god of war ragnarok pc

God of War Ragnarok PC — Recent Sony State of Play 2024 reveals several current and upcoming PlayStation exclusive games with one of them being God of War Ragnarok coming to PC. The now 2 years old game will also include the Valhalla DLC.

Unfortunately, the hype didn’t last long as the showcase was soon followed with a note that the game requires Sony’s PlayStation Network connected to play.

The pre-order page on Steam also further confirms thatPlayStation Network Account required, subject to the PlayStation Terms of Services and User Agreement”. 

god of war ragnarok pc

Assuming that Sony hasn’t changed anything since The Helldivers 2 Just Hell-dived Into Pits of Negative Reviews as Helldivers 2 PSN Enforcement Goes Live, this would mean that GOW Ragnarok for PC will not be available for purchase in over 170 countries that aren’t natively supported by PSN as according to their ToS, a sign up to PSN account is required to play the game.

This obviously springs a big question mark as while it may be somewhat understandable for Helldivers 2 to require the linking as in nature it is an online cross-play co-op game, there is no reasonable excuse for God of War Ragnarok PSN integration as the game is fully single player without any online aspect attached to it.

God of War Ragnarok PC Release Date

The game is scheduled to be released on 19 September 2024. However, it still remains unknown whether the PSN enforcement would affect those who live in countries where the PlayStation Network is unsupported.

Bottom line

After 2 years after its initial release, God of War Ragnarok is coming to PC alongside the Valhalla DLC albeit with a catch. So far, the game will require players to sign up for a PSN account even though the game doesn’t have any online multiplayer features.

If things remain the same as last time with Helldivers 2, this means that those who live in unsupported countries will be unable to purchase and play the game. GOW Ragnarok is scheduled to release on 19 September this year.

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