Elon Changes the Renowned Twitter to X

twitter to x

Twitter to X– Elon changes the renowned Twitter bird logo to X – Just earlier this week Twitter has once again undergone another “interesting” change. For more than 10 years now, the blue bird icon of Twitter has become some sort of renowned icon in the world of social media— albeit not anymore.

Musk, as we all already know, the new sole owner of Twitter who bought the platform for $44 billion back in October last year, last week tweeted on his Elon Musk Twitter account of planning to rebrand his social media platform alongside its logo. He proposes the Twitter name change would be the word “X”.

The Twitter rebrand has begun

While currently the name of the platform still remains Twitter, including its app name on both Android and iOS, the tech billionaire has apparently secured the domain x.com and it now redirects to the Twitter website. 

Twitter to X

Previously, the domain was owned by PayPal and has always been redirected to its site however Musk bought back the domain back in 2017 due to sentimental value as it was originally owned by him for his business back in the early 2000, the “x dot com”. Fast forward 6 years later, it’s now used as a redirect to link to Twitter.

Twitter to X

Earlier this week, Twitter icon changes have actually panned out as the iconic blue bird icon has now been replaced with the letter “X”. However, as of writing it seems that the change only affects the web version of the social platform as both the Android and iOS apps still retain the original icon.

Issues with the change

The change that Elon Musk suddenly proposed isn’t without controversy, however, considering the letter “X” being too simple and common, it won’t be a surprise that the name has been taken for something else or by someone. Such is with the @x Twitter account handle which has been owned by someone else since its founding back in 2007.

Twitter to X

It was noticed that the company has forcefully taken the original @x and replaced it with the company’s account and the original owner stated that they only offer free merchandise as a trade and without the owner’s consent. Obviously, it causes a massive backlash by the community though at the moment it seems that there are no further developments in this issue. 

Twitter to X

The branding of “X” in Japan has also caused an issue as Twitter is unable to brand their company as X Japan due to the word itself has been trademarked by the Japanese rock band originated from Chiba. Therefore, legally they need to find an alternative abbreviation before being able to register the company in Japan.

Bottom line

The sudden Twitter to X by Elon renaming Twitter has caused a lot of issues, including a possible trademark violation in Japan. However, there has yet no sign of the change on Twitter X to be stopping as Twitter has already replaced its iconic blue bird logo with the letter “X” albeit only on the web platform.

Elon has also forcefully taken the Twitter account handle @x from its original owner yesterday to replace them with the company’s official account. The original owner revealed that they only offered company merchandise in exchange for the account handle and even then it was still taken without their consent.

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