Windows 11 24H2 Brings Revamp on Microsoft Copilot and More

Windows 11 24H2 Brings Revamp on Microsoft Copilot

Windows 11 24H2 update – Microsoft is on its way to cooking Windows 11 version 24H2 which is expected to be released sometime around this year. Unlike the previous 23H2 update, 24H2 is planned to have a massive bundle update for the OS that introduces various new quality-of-life features as well as some backbone changes for future updates.

The main theme for this update is likely to be further integration of Windows 11 with Microsoft’s own homebrew AI Copilot which has already been happening since 23H2 to limited users but recently Microsoft is doing a major rework in its UX which improves its overall performance.

windows 11 24h2

Notable updates on Microsoft Windows 11 version 24H2

If you are one of the selected users that have been granted access to Microsoft Copilot, the first thing you may notice in 24H2 might be that the icon is no longer present beside the Windows button as it has now been shifted to the right side of the taskbar next to the notification icon. Quite a nice touch in our opinion as it makes reaching the icon easier.

Other improvements on Copilot can also be seen in its various smooth animations if you are from the original 23H2 there were easily lots of UI overlapping and even lead to crashes but so far in the latest preview at least, it has mostly been ironed out.

The snap layout feature has received lots of love as well with it now being able to detect and suggest several possible partitions by just hovering your cursor to the resize bar.

windows 11 24h2

And it doesn’t stop at that. After picking the suggested partition, Windows can now also go all the way to resize and assign the apps that you need with just a click— no more we have to manually drag and drop the apps individually. 

For experienced users, Windows 11 version 24H2 update also introduces the ability to use Sudo, a command line that is popular on Linux. Sudo Windows 11 grants you an elevated command line experience with 3 possible configurations


windows 11 24h2

By default, this feature is disabled due to security concerns but users can easily enable it by going to Settings > For Developers and toggle the Enable Sudo. If you didn’t see the option this may mean that the update has yet to roll to your system.

Bottom line

The upcoming Windows 11 update is packing lots of updates either on top or under the hood. Microsoft’s focus in 24H2 seems to be located on the improvement of its Copilot AI as well as general quality of life improvements.

A few notable improvements that 24H2 will introduce are the total revamp of Copilot’s UX, smarter snap layout feature, as well as the introduction of Sudo into Windows. There are also plenty of other notable improvements such as the ability for Microsoft Explorer to create compressed ZIP or TAR files which further lower the need to install third-party compression software such as 7zip.


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