How to Restore Samsung Knox Features and Apps Samsung Knox Feature-1

How to restore Samsung Knox features – Samsung is by no means a bad company. They made a plethora of great and even affordable products but if there is one grief to withhold is that how they shackle its useful features behind Knox. 

What is Knox you may ask? Knox is a proprietary security and management framework pre-installed on most if not all Samsung mobile devices nowadays and in a very ideal situation is meant to protect users’ devices from tampering and hacking. In practice, however, the existence of Knox limits users from using their own device however they want as Knox binds plenty of useful Samsung apps to its system and will permanently get disabled once being “tampered with”.

If you are clicking this article, you may already understand what kind of “tampering” this is but for those who don’t, Knox permanently disables itself once it notices the device is on an unlocked bootloader condition, rooted, or using a ROM outside from OneUI. Once it’s disabled, the device will automatically burn an e-fuse within the board and permanently disable Knox.

While there is yet any solution to fully restore Knox’s functionality once tripped other than replacing its mainboard, there are ways to partially restore its functionality. Samsung Knox Feature-1 Samsung Knox Feature-2

How to Fix Samsung Knox Once Tripped?

Before proceeding, ensure that you are familiar with how to use Magisk

 and its modules. Any form of error happening during the process is not our responsibility so proceed with caution.

  1. Open the Magisk Manager app and enable “Zygisk” on the settings page.
  2. Download the latest LSPosed module for “zygisk-release” zip.
  3. Install LSPosed by selecting the downloaded zip in the “modules” tab within the Magisk Manager app.
  4. Reboot the device.
  5. With LSPosed installed, download and install the latest KnoxPatch apk and install it like normal.
  6. Open the LSPosed Manager app from the quick panel notifications and enable the KnoxPatch module in the “modules” tab. Leave the selected applications list as it is.
  7. Once again reboot the device and you should be good. Samsung Knox Feature-3

Optionally, do install the KnoxPatch Enhancer zip file from the Magisk Manager app “modules” tab as this will fix features that can’t be patched through normal methods such as the Galaxy Wearable apps. An “enhanced” text can be seen under the KnoxPatch module if installed correctly.

Bottom line

For power users, unlocking the bootloader is quite essential to gain leverage access to their devices. Unfortunately, Samsung sees this as a potential threat therefore adding a security measure to “punish” users who proceed to unlock their device by permanently disabling Knox.

The good news is there are still ways to partially re-enable Knox functions through Magisk modules. Unfortunately, as this is a workaround method, some apps like Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass will still be disabled.

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